Striving For Goodness

There’s good behind our goodness. Behind every bite of Babybel®, there’s a team working hard to provide the best for you, each other and the planet.
A field of grass bathed in sunlight at dawn.
Factory worker in blue shirt smiling and handling Babybel cheese on the production line.
A close up of two cows walking in a field of grass at sunrise.


We collaborate with local farmers close to our plants to minimize milk transportation & support the economic development of the production regions.

Farms local to our plants in the US provide the milk that makes Mini Babybel® cheese.

Farmers local to our plants collect milk for Mini Babybel® every day or two.

When it comes to quality, we act fast! Our milk for Mini Babybel® can be traced from the factory to the farm in under 4 hours.

The distance from farms to our plants in Brookings, SD or Leitchfield, KY is an average of 350 miles or less!

Good Practices

Dairy farmers work hard. Here are a few ways we champion good practices to support them.

We're supporting sustainable farming practices. Learn more.

Our partners adhere to FARM workforce standards. See more.

All feed used on US Dairy Farms is sourced locally.

Animal Care

In the US, Mini Babybel® only sources from farms that adhere to The National Dairy Farmers Assuring Responsible Management program (FARM), assuring the highest standards in Animal Welfare. Learn more.

rBST* for our cows? No way. Growth hormones? Never.

US farmers offer nutritious feed that includes hay, corn & soy.

Our partners must adhere to FARM Animal Care standards.

Our partners adhere to FARM regulated guidelines for stall sizes.

*No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBSt-treated and non-rBST treated cows.


The goodness we wrap our delicious snacks with should match the goodness inside every bite! That’s why we're committed to doing our best, both inside and out.
Grinning factory worker wearing blue with Babybel wrappers outstretched vertically.
Close up view of Babybel cheeses in classic red wax packaging.
Happy factory worker casually carrying a medium sized box filled with Babybel cheese.

We're working on compostable packaging and inks that will allow for a home-compostable wrapper by 2022! Learn more about home-composting.

Our red wax helps protect and preserve our cheese.

We use 100% recycled or certified cardboard to ship our product, all of which is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Babybel® Plus+ is offered in a 80% paper content bag to reduce plastic use.

Future Goals

Every day we’re striving to be more and more sustainable! Here are the steps we’re taking to be better in the future.

We're looking beyond the net for fully recyclable packaging solutions.

We’re even exploring ways to remove the wrapper altogether - while preserving quality, of course!

We’re reimagining our red wax by finding ways to use materials that are better for the environment. Stay tuned!

By 2025, we’re striving to make Mini Babybel® packaging 100% recyclable and/or biodegradable.

Reduce & Reuse

Across our entire business, we are working to reduce the impact our products and processes have on the environment.

While we work to provide 100% recyclable or compostable packaging, we'll introduce an upcycling program soon so our packaging can be reused. Net and all!

No quality cheese will go to waste on our watch! Most of our leftover cheese gets used for other (delicious) products.

Bel Brands USA partnered with How2Recycle® to help improve packaging for the US recycling system and offer instructions for how to recycle our products, as applicable.

No leftovers here! Portions for one can help reduce food waste.

Join The

Through the power of Mini Babybel® cheese, a more delicious and satisfying world is just a peel away.

Taste buds aren’t the only part of your body that loves Mini Babybel®. This 100% real cheese is a delicious snack offering the goodness of dairy. Mini Babybel® will please the whole family and keep them satisfied, all in one single portion. Perfect at home or on the go when hunger strikes.

Discover What
Makes Mini
Babybel® A
Delicious Snack

*No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST-treated and non-rBST-treated cows

Unwrap Our

So here’s a bit about how we make our Mini Babybel® Original taste so good with only 4 simple cheese ingredients!

Milking the cow

Our cheese is made with cow’s milk that comes from carefully chosen farms.

Transforming our milk into cheese

Our milk is then pasteurized and transformed into curd. Then we press the curd into individual molds to give our mini cheese its special shape.

Time for a bath

The future Mini Babybel® takes a dive into salted water (called brine) that will preserve the cheese and develop its unique flavor.

Getting dressed!

Each cheese is coated in wax to keep its freshness before its famous red wrapper adds the finishing touch.

Unwrap our cheesemaking secrets

And there you go, your favorite snack is ready to enjoy!

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