Only a big cheese like Mini Babybel® can rescue your family from a snack attack! Are these the greatest snack ideas in the history of snacking? Yes. Yes, they are.

Creepy Cheesy Crawlers Snack

Kids will look forward to getting caught in this web of cheesy goodness.

Snack Time Under The Sea

No need to bait your kids into eating these deliciously cheesy snacks. They’ll grab 'em hook, line and sinker.

Yum-Brellas Kids Snack Idea

When it comes to taste, Mini Babybel® cheese always brings the thunder. Prepare for a downpour of deliciousness with these cheese-and-berry umbrellas.

Cheese N' Fruit Butterflies

You’ll know you’re in love with this tasty pairing of fresh fruit and Mini Babybel® cheese when you feel the butterflies in your stomach.

Rudolph's Pre-Flight Cheese Snacks

Let Santa have his cookies. You’ve got a festive pairing of Mini Babybel® cheese and fruit to enjoy.

Thanksgiving Snack Time Gobblers

You might not be so thankful when these tasty turkeys are all gobbled up. Enjoy these cheesy snacks while they last.

The Creamy Caterpillar

Sayonara, snack time boredom. This creamy caterpillar is here to bring a little tasty fun to the plate.

Go Green On The Go

When life gives you olives, grab some Mini Babybel® cheese and make a delicious Mediterranean snack.

Pizza, Babybel® Cheese Style

Who needs a delivery guy? With this easy, cheesy Mini Babybel® pizza snack in your lunchbox, you don’t have to wait 30 minutes.

Cheesy Trail Mix

With crunchy nuts, creamy Mini Babybel® cheese and tangy fruit, this easy (and delicious) recipe is perfect for going outside and hiking the trails—or staying inside and surfing the channels.

Creamy, Crunchy, Tart, Munchy

Up your cheese and crackers game. Increase the crunch with some almonds, then add a clementine for a little bit of tang and a whole lotta yum.

Midwinter Cheese Snacks

Making snowballs. Trudging up sled hills. Building an epic snow fort. Wintertime fun is hard work. Enjoy it a little longer by filling up with this hearty, cheesy snack.

Enjoy a taste of Fall with Babybel® snacks

When you’re done raking leaves, come inside and enjoy a delectable snack of fruit, seeds and Mini Babybel® cheese.

Springtime Snack Cheese Trio

Springing ahead isn’t just for clocks. Take springtime snacking to the next level with this creamy, crunchy pairing.

Red, White, and Blueberry Snack

Set off the flavor fireworks with this patriotic pairing.