Yum-Brellas Kids Snack Idea

When it comes to taste, Mini Babybel® cheese always brings the thunder. Prepare for a downpour of deliciousness with these cheese-and-berry umbrellas.

Milk Bottle


2 servings of Mini Babybel® Original semisoft cheese

1 orange bell pepper

1 yellow bell pepper

12–14 blueberries

4 golden raisins


3-5 minutes

Remove the outer wrapper from each Mini Babybel cheese, leaving the wax intact. Using a sharp kitchen knife, cut the cheese in half to create four semi-circular pieces and arrange them horizontally on your plate. Next, slice the bell peppers into four thin, curved pieces and position each one under a piece of cheese. Then place a golden raisin on top of each umbrella. Lastly, lay a few fresh blueberries near the top of the plate for raindrops. (Use caution when cutting.) Perfect for after school or lunchtime, whether it’s raining or not. Do not eat the wax. Remove the wax before eating.

Perfect for after school or lunchtime whether it’s raining or not. (Serves 2)